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BidBall is an eBay auction sniper service

What is eBay auction bid sniping?

When used in relation to online auctions, sniping is the act of placing a bid in the last few seconds of an auction.

Why would a bidder want to do this?

The two biggest reasons are - to save time and money.

Many eBay bidders do not bid rationally. They will place their "maximum" bid, check the auction later to find out that they have been outbid, and bid again with a higher maximum.

On top of that, some bidders will take being outbid personally, turning the auction into a competition that they MUST win.

If either of these descriptions fit you(count me in as guilty on both counts), becoming an eBay sniper is a must.

Even if this does not describe you, eBay sniping will help you to avoid attracting and having to deal with these irrational, emotional bidders.

When an auction item has a bid on it, it draws more attention, almost always resulting in a higher ending price.

So, sniping is the solution to that.

However, if you snipe eBay auctions manually, rather than saving time, it will cost you your time.

You'll have to be sitting at your computer whenever it is that the auction ends, whether it be 4 a.p.m. or 4 a.m.

Automated sniping, such as with our service here at bidball, is the answer for that.

You can schedule your snipe and then go about your day - set it and forget it.

There's no need to be at your computer when the auction ends, and because our eBay sniping service is web-based, there's no need to leave your computer on.

Serious buyers know to bid once, late in the auction. You can use automation (bidball) to take it to the next level.

Get the edge and join the other smart bidders who snipe to win more eBay auctions.

You can watch our introductory video to learn more by clicking here, you can view our frequently asked questions by clicking here, or sign up by clicking here.

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  • Integrated ebay search.
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  • SSL encryption for security.
  • All snipes are executed on 2 servers to increase reliability.
  • 99.5% reliable.
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