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Deleted Snipes Still Executing

Hello everyone.

We have an issue - some snipes that are deleted before it is time for them to execute are still being executed.

We just took over the site a couple of weeks ago. We are still using the previous owner's sniper engine until we can switch over to ours. we cannot get in contact with him to request that he look into this issue, so I get it is up to us to update the code to use our sniper engine.

It will take us a couple of days to change it over, and this issue will exist (apparently) until we are done. So, it would be a good idea not to use BidBall until we complete the move over to our sniper engine.

I will update our news section here again when there is something to report.

In the meantime, if you have any snipes set up that you do not want to execute, you could just go to eBay and change your eBay password. I would tell you just to change it here on BidBall, however, I'm not sure that that would update on the current sniper engine either, so your snipe may still execute.

We are very sorry for the trouble.

Hopefully we will be good to go by Tuesday.