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Snipes should now be executing ok now, sorry for no warning when the issue was occurring

Snipes should be executing ok now. We had some issues, but all looked to finally be fixed.

I should have posted here as soon as I knew there was a problem but was hoping to get things fixed quickly. Stupid thinking.

I know many members have had snipes go without executing, I should have warned you as soon as I knew there was an issue.

I'm very sorry for the missed snipes and the unanswered messages you may have sent. A sniper service is worth than useless if not working properly. We try to be as reliable as possible, but issues arise from time to time.

A new coder worked on this issue, so, that may be the good thing to come out of this, he is good.

Again, sorry for the trouble, all should be well now. If you have an issue, please let me know, I'll reply, rather than waiting until the issue is fixed